Why Your Online Reputation Needs to be On Lockdown!

With cybercrimes hitting an all-time high last year and an even greater number of expected incidents in 2015, together with the fact that many people have their entire life story played out in social media, blogs and other online activities, it’s no wonder that many are going on “lock-down”. This bold move is usually taken when someone “cyber jacks” your financial information. But what about your online reputation? Can someone literally high-jack your persona and devastative your reputation? The answer is Absolutely! And it’s becoming the single most effective way for cyber thieves, competitors, political opponents and your next-door neighbor to take over your identity.

The question is how would you know if a campaign of cyber hell is raining down on your reputation? The answer is, search for your name in Google, Facebook, Twitter and any other social media sites you have setup. One easier way to do this is setup a Google Alert campaign to have Google alert you by email if any keywords you have setup have been indexed by Google. If something looks suspect, it probably is. Each social media account has their own way of dealing with persona impostors and you better get ready for a fight to get it removed.


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